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The author, Ginette, was born in Taiwan, grew up in New Zealand and had lived and worked in Hong Kong for 12 years. She constantly holds painting, cooking, baking and health related workshops/tours/classes to people from different parts of the world in Hong Kong. She is a very popular teacher who also enjoys writing. 


It is a book that Ginette illustrated and wrote in her 8th year of living in Hong Kong. The book depicts the real life of Hong Kong under her magnifying glass. She uses a witty way to tell her own experiences and the cultural differences came across during her stay in Hong Kong, .

It is NOT your usual travel book, it is more a guide book to give useful suggestions to people who are interested in the real life of working and living in Hong Kong!

* Currently it is only available in Chinese language, please order through online bookstores for both paperback version and digital version. 



台灣是我第一個家鄉,紐西蘭是我第二個家鄉,2000年時與香港籍老公移居至香港生活工作,現在香港便是我第三個家(whether I like or not)。 



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Paperback version:

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The Naked Hong Kong 漫游香江 - 用放大镜看香港

Author and illustrator: Ginette Wang 王宛儒

Publisher: The Commercial Press (Taiwan)

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