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Please see below for current and upcoming classes/workshops. From time to time, I also offer pop-up outdoor travel sketch workshops and private lessons.  




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 2020 Term 1 Weekly Classes 

Course name: Sketching & Watercolour

Time: 9:45am -12pm, Sundays, 1 Mar - 5 Apr (Booking taking now!!)
Venue:  Ginette's Art studio at Mairangi Bay
Course description: 
It will cover perspectives, sketching techniques, how to use ink pen, pencil and watercolour individually and mix use in different way. Theory and practical exercise.

(Material list will be provided upon booking confirmation.)

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2020 Term 1 - Weekend Workshop

1.Travel Sketching Workshop  ( Fully booked, waiting list taking)

Date: 29 Feb  (Sat)    Time: 10am – 3pm

Venue: Estuary Arts Centre, Orewa

Learn how to capture beautiful scene quickly during travelling. Theory and practical exercise will be covered

(Please book with Esturary Arts Centre, Orewa)

2Impressionist Watercolours  

Date: 28 Mar   (Sat)    Time: 10am – 3pm

Venue: Uxbridge Arts Centre, Howick

In this workshop we’ll use landscape subjects to learn several impressionist techniques. You will then learn how to incorporate these into your own watercolour work. The painting technique fundamental to impressionism is ‘broken colour’ which gives the beautiful sensation of light  in a painting.

(Please book with Uxbridge Arts Centre, Howick)

3. Impressionist Watercolours  

Date: 14 Mar  (Sat)    Time: 10am – 3pm

Venue: Estuary Arts Centre, Orewa

We will learn several impressionist techniques through painting step by step with our experienced tutor Ginette. We will learn how to capture the light and mood by using the fundamental impressionism techniques. No experience required.

(Please book with Esturary Arts Centre, Orewa)

2020 Term 2 - Weekend Workshop

1. Ink Pen & Watercolour Wash workshop (Travel Sketching)

Date: 9 May (Sat)    Time: 10am – 3pm

Venue: Uxbridge Arts and Culture Centre, Howick 

Learn how to capture a scene with effective ink Pen & Watercolour wash. Ginette travels with her sketch book, she will show you how fun it can be to do travel sketching during your travel.

(Please book with Uxbridge Art and Culture Centre, Howick)

2. Travel Sketching II with Ginette Workshop

Date: 23 May  (Sat)    Time: 10am – 3pm

Venue: Estuary Arts Centre, Orewa

Want to learn more on travel sketching? Join award- winning watercolour artist Ginette to learn impressionist techniques through painting step by step with our experienced tutor. We will learn how to capture the light and mood by using the fundamental impressionism techniques. No experience required.



2020 Impressionist Watercolour and Sketch Retreat in Tuscany!! 

Date:  1 Sept  ~ 8 Sept, 2020  

Venue:  Tuscany, San Fedele, Italy

 << Open for Booking now  !!  Early bird offer ends 1 Feb 2020! >>

For more details and booking please go to the following link: 


Learn color & light in the Tuscan countryside through sketching and watercolour while enjoying fabulous wine, Italian cuisine, and great company!   

Join me for an inspiring painting trip! I will help you find daily inspiration by capturing the essence of the subjects and scenes around Tuscany region.  

We will be painting & sketching, wine tasting and have our own chef !

*Great opportunity to plan a trip full of Painting🎨+ Food 🍝+ Wine🍷+ Culture🌍! *

Couples and non painter are welcome too. 

Let's capture the incredible moments we will experience in San Fedele and surrounding towns in the beautiful Tuscany.





Testimonials from adults classes/workshops

 "I have learnt a lot from Ginette about Watercolour,pen and ink . Her style of teaching is so vibrant and uplifting. She has clear instructions and takes us to higher levels in our skills. I have more confidence to keep going further in my art". - Janice

"In one word it was brilliant.  The sheer energy that Ginette brings to her teaching is infectious and makes everything seem possible.  Her style to demystify even the most complex of skills is an incredible talent that only comes with someone who is totally comfortable with their profession.  We all left with a watercolour we could be proud of achieving in such a short time.  The same picture, but very different as she encouraged us to take risks and just "have a go"".- Ann

"Loved learning the techniques new to me. Quickness encouraged made me to focus on the basic outlines first then the main subject. Ginette guided me to where the faint washes should be, then to highlight. Chinese brushes are a revelation! Thank you Ginette for your enjoyable, sociable classes." - Sally 

"Ginette style of teaching  breaks things down into understandable sections which make"complex" concepts easy to understand. She is always enthusiastic, informative and encouraging. I really enjoy all her different classes". - Louise


" Ginette has a passion for her art and helping artist be the best they can be. Love the course, will be back for more next term." - Paul

" The class has given me a boost - as I have been caring for the past 8+ years. The teaching from a very enthusiastic teacher has encourage me to take up my art again." - Judith


"The energy that Ginette brings to the workshop is contagious. It encourages me into stretch my skills and not work within my comfort zone.  Amazing classes!! highly recommended" - Ann

"Every class results in a new art work,new brush strokes are learnt and practised. Ginette is a friendly and generous teacher. The painting work is relaxing and meditative" - Barbara

"喜欢看王老师胸有成竹,一挥而就的神奇“ -HuiLing

"老师亲自示范教学,由浅入深, 容易学习。 老师从素描到水彩和国画样样精通,可以帮学生开启对艺术的兴趣与潜能。“  - Tracy 

Testimonials from young artist training program:

"I like the class because it's relaxing, you get to learn a variety of techniques, different types of art, etc. The way Ms. Ginette's teaching is very good because she interacts with us a lot which in my opinion is very important" - Paris

" I like the way how teacher Ginette teaches us in art class, it's not too strict and we can express our own style. It's very creative. We get to do  lots of different types of drawing. I also really like her style of painting and drawing!" - Maggie

" I learned how to draw realistic things, also cool techniques on how to make your drawing nice. I learned watercolour, pencil sketching and also Chinese Watercolour which I have never learnt it before. Thank you!" - Chloe

"I like teacher Ginette's class because she teaches many different type of drawing and painting techniques. She also encourage us to be creative in our art" - Teresa

" Teacher Ginette teaches me the how to do tones and shades. The things I learn in class also improves my drawings I do at home. I like teacher Ginette's way of teaching" - Chole Y






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